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Opendoordays 26,27 and 28 June

Opendeurdagen vr 26 za 27 en zo 28 juni  (13:00-17:00)


Open-door days Fr 28.02., Sa 29.02. and Su 01.03. (13:00-17:00)

BEST price quarantee - 5% cheaper to every compareble offer.

Welcom to visit us in the showroom or contact via contact formulier. 


New model in our production- BARDOLINO Perfect to protect you from rain and strong sun while you enjoy the jacuzzi

Open-door days Fr 31.01., Sa 01.02. and Su 02.02. (13:00-17:00)

Open-door days Fr 1.11 and Sa 2.11.

Opendoor days Sa 14 and Su 15 September (13:00-17:00) Welcome!

Open-door days 15, 16 and 17 August

New Carport ALGHERO

Open door days 17,18 and 19 May

Closed for a weekend!

OPENDOOR DAYS Fr 5, Sa 6 and Su 7 April

Welkom to OPEN door days!

This weekend Showroom OPEN from 13:00-18:00

New bioclimatic pergola- MED JOY

The slim, narrow bioclimatic pergola ideal for terraces and small gardens

Weekend 15 and 16 March - CLOSED

Promotion in March

Actie op terrasoverkapping model CAPRI!
Bel 0484.460125 voor een vrijblijvende offerte bij u ter plaatse of afspraak in onze showroom!

OPENDOOR DAYS Fr, 1, Za 2 and Sa 3 March

Aluminium tables

Aluminium tables , custom size.

For inside and outside use.

OPENDOOR DAYS Fr, 1, Za 2 and Sa 3 February

Welcome to visit us in Opendoor days Friday 1, Saturday 2 or Sunday 3 February from 13:00-17:00

Med Azimut

Pergola system with retractable roof system in block-out PVC fabric, resistant to UV and waterproof. The structure consists of horizontal beams, perpendicular to the posts. No slope for water drainage is required. Moreover the patent Inner Guide permits the complete integration of the perimeter ZIP drop awnings. This solution also permits to install both glass walls for protection from the wind and block out blinds, which are essential to avoid the greenhouse effect during the warmer months. The roof system drains the rainwater to the perimetric structure thanks to the curved system of cloth profiles. The gutter is integrated within the perimetric frame and the drain water to the ground is through the posts. The perimetric frame is patented Anti-Splash, which means that the up and over side prevents the rainwater, which falls from the cloth to the gutter, from spurting inside the pergola. Aluminium profiles and aluminium die cast parts are powder coated. Screws are in stainless steel. It can be operated RTS or IO Home-control motor. LED spots can be integrated in the cloth profiles or in the perimetric frame. LED Strip RGB can also be installed in the perimetric frame

Laatste Opendeurdagen 2018!

Welkom op Laatste Opendeurdagen 2018!
vrijdag 2.11., zaterdag 3.11.  en zondag 4.11.
vanaf 13:00-18:00

Opendeurdagen 22, 23 en 24 juni

Open Door Days

Open Door Days

Open Door Days 2018 February

Open door days on Friday 16.02, Saturtday 17.02 and Sunday 18.02 from 13:00 - 17:00. 

See you there! 


Vacancies at The Sun Factory

Om ons The Sun Factory team in Bilzen te versterken, zijn we op zoek naar een gemotiveerde Terrasoverkappingen PLAATSER en VERKOPER in heel Vlaanderen. 
Je staat in voor installatie van terrasoverkappingen en schuifwanden bij particuliere/zakelijke klanten. Samen met je rechtstreekse collega zorg je ervoor dat de klanten tevreden zijn over de kwaliteit van hetwerk. 
Je bent flexibel: elk project is anders. 
Je bent bereid bij te leren en hebt het nodige technisch inzicht 
Je hebt geen hoogtevrees en bent bereid om zowel binnen als buiten te werken. 
Je bent klantgericht en communiceert vlot. 
Je bent er - net als ons - van overtuigd dat kwaliteit op de eerste plaats komt 
Je hebt een rijbewijs BE 
Ervaring in de bouwsector zijn pluspunten.
Je kan rekenen op:
Een boeiende functie in een enthousiast team met ruimte voor initiatieven. 
De mogelijkheid om mee te groeien met een energieke en ambitieuze onderneming. 
Een aantrekkelijke verloning. 
Interne en externe opleiding en begeleiding om ons productengamma grondig te leren kennen.

Als je jezelf in ons team ziet, bel T.0484 460125 / email:

Open Door Days

 Lieve klanten, we nodigen u uit op onze eerste Opendeurdagen dit jaar : 
vr. 2.02., za. 3.02. en zo. 4.02. van 13:00-18:00
Geniet van Openings Acties en het buitenleven tijdens de eerste lentedagen! 
Tot ziens in showroom!

Open Door Days

Lieve klanten, we nodigen u uit op onze laatste Opendeurdagen dit jaar : 
vr. 1.12, za. 2.12 en zo. 3.12. van 13:00-18:00
Geniet van speciale promoties en een glas cava! 
Tot ziens in showroom!

The Sun Factory terrasoverkappingen en carports

A Place under the Sun. Geniet op elk moment van het hele jaar, in openlucht voor privéwoningen of cafes en restaurants. Kom voor een vrijblijvend advies te Bilzen!


Iedereen is welkom voor een vrijblijvend advies bij ons te Bilzen vr 1.09., za 2.09., zo 3.09. vanaf 13:00-18:00
Tot ziens!
Tel.0484/ 460125

Med Quadra

Med Quadra with screens in Switzerland 🇨🇭.
Maximum comfort throughout the year!
Discover all the possibilities in our showroom in Bilzen- open in weekends 13:00-17:00
Tel.0484 460125


Aluminium pergola for a client in Spalbeek. Manufactured by Belgium company - All Sun Technics

Open door days!


Placement of Med Twist

Open Door Days

Open door days!

Open days 17-19.03.
Come and discover terrace roofs and blinds in our showroom!
Open days promotion:
Free Terrasverwarmer with purchase of a pergola!

New model MED VARIA

Modular bioclimatic pergola in powder coated extruded aluminium, available in self-bearing or leaning version.

The structure integrates perfectly the ZIP awnings within the profiles, thus matching functional performance with minimalist style. Med Varia can be closed with both glass walls to face the cooler months and screen awnings during summertime.

This it becomes a solution that changes according to climate differences and can be used in all seasons.

The Side Seal patent guarantees side insulation of the cover. The Twist Motion patent allows for the rotation of the blades from 0° to 135°.

The blades, when placed in a slightly open position, create a comfortable microclimate and block direct radiation from the sun. Once closed, they protect from the rain and the water is conveyed through an integrated drain pipe.

See more

Open Door Days

Are you ready for summer? Come discover TERRACE SLATS and shelters in our showroom!
Open Days promotion:
FREE Patio heater when buying a patio roof
13.00 to 18.00 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Open Door Days

Are you ready for summer? Come discover TERRACE SLATS and shelters in our showroom!
Open Days promotion:
FREE Patio heater when buying a patio roof
13.00 to 18.00 (Fri, Sat, Sun)


Vrijdag 18 tot zondag 20 november
Terrasoverkappingen en schuifwanden op maat, alle Ral kleuren.
Iedereen is welkom voor vrijblijvend advies en drankje!

New offers!

Bestel Terrasoverkapping* bij The Sun Factory, Bilzen 
in November en krijg TERRASVERWARMER GRATIS! 
Showroom OPEN in het weekend 13-18 (vr, za, zo)
*Aanbieding is niet geldig voor het bouwpakket

Bestel Terrasoverkapping en krijg TERRASVERWARMER GRATIS!

Bestel Terrasoverkapping* bij The Sun Factory, Bilzen 
in November en krijg TERRASVERWARMER GRATIS! 
Showroom OPEN in het weekend 13-18 (vr, za, zo)
*Aanbieding is niet geldig voor het bouwpakket

Open Door Day!

Friday 5 to Sunday, August 7
Friday 12 to Sunday, August 14
Everyone is welcome for professional advice and drink!

Modern and classic gates in Bilzen!

More photos:


This terrace transformed into the enjoyable corner in remicourt
It's a shame you can't book this place via
It's always booked up by the same dear family
Thanks for the confidence in us!!
Produced by All Sun Technics (Belgium)

More photos:

Med Quadra

Work in progress. Med Quadra (Gibus Italy)

More photos:


Glass Doors

Today Glass Sliding doors placed in Beringen!

More photos:

Project in Lanaken

Project for super sweet family!
Aluminium Pergola Tailor made with glass sliding doors.
Produced by All Sun Technics (Belgium)

More information:

Project in Munsterbilzen!

Aluminium Pergola customized for customers in Munsterbilzen,
Produced by All Sun Technics (Belgium).

Project of the week

Aluminium pergola custom made for customers in Munsterbilzen. 

Producer: All Sun Technics (Belgium) 

More information:

Open Door Days!

Terrace and Canopies - Carports - Canopies -

Glass Sliding Doors - Outdoor Furniture-Cocoon tables
Open-Door Promotions!
Free LED Lighting, outdoor furniture, 10 %


Offer of the month!

Exotan Casablanca Lounge + Cover Set= 1850,- EUR (free delivery)
Total Set Dimensions: L 262 x W 246 x H 78 cm

All weather furniture by Texfabric: 

The filling of the cushions are high-quality, water-permeable and mould free materials. The strong Texfabric ensures that most of the (rain-) water is not running through the fabric. 

More information:

Open Door Days!

Open days! Open days!
Easter weekend 24.- 28.03. And 31.- 03.04.
New all weather furniture in showroom.
Everyone is welcome!

Open-Door Promotions:
- 10 % cocoon and outdoor furniture, tables
Everyone is welcome!

Weekly News

Hello everyone. :) Previous week we made our fisrt two placements from which one was interesting renovation of old placement and one carport. Pictures from these two renovations you can find in Gallery section. Project 1: Renovation and Project 2: Carport. 


We would like you to invite you, your friends and family to The Sunfactory showroom opening in Bremakker 15, Bilzen on Sunday, 21 February. We will open our doors at 13:00 till 19:00. Looking forward to see you there. 


We are proud to say that the first products of Gibus are installed in our showroom! For more pictures, please go to our gallery. 

The Website is live!

 We, The Sun Factory team, are honoured to say that the English version of is live. You are very welcome to explore the website and take a look at our wide product portfolio, which consists from such a brands like All Sun Technics (Belgium), Gibus (Italy), Trinity and Exotan (both The Netherlands). The new products and the Dutch version will be available soon. See you soon!